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What is Medi-Share?

Rick Young Insurance has partnered with Christian Care Ministries to offer affordable alternatives to conventional healthcare. Medi-Share is a program that has had a lot of consumer demand. It is considered a "faith-based alternative to conventional healthcare." Medi-Share is founded on the belief that there is a BIBLICAL WAY of leading your life. It has membership guidelines that members must follow and requires people who enroll into their program have particular beliefs.

Take a look at this video which gives a great idea on how the Medi-Share program works.

What is Altrua?

Altrua HealthShare is a recognized Health Care Sharing Ministry where individuals, couples, families, churches and organizations make their financial contributions into the members' escrow account and Altrua HealthShare is the neutral escrow agent for the members.

How it works is simple and straightforward. Members submit a monthly "contribution", similar to an insurance premium. The contribution from members is placed into an escrow account, from which medical needs of members are shared according to the membership guidelines and escrow instructions. The membership guidelines explain what medical needs are shared through the membership.

You'll need to present your Altrua HealthShare member ID card when you receive medical services. Your medical provider should submit the medical need according to the instructions on the back of your ID card, which will then be processed according to the membership guidelines and escrow instructions.

You can choose either a Standard or Advantage membership plan. Each plan has 3 levels of options to accommodate your needs and Member Responsibility Amounts (MRAs). Monthly Contribution Requests are also available for each plan level. Contact us to learn more about the membership plans. 
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