About Rick Young Insurance

Rick Young & Associates has been providing individual health insurance in Michigan for over 20 years. We shop all the major carriers on the market carriers, to give you the most affordable health insurance coverage in Michigan on the market. We have the ability to offer dental health plans, copay health insurance plans, health savings accounts (HSA), prescription drugs and major medical insurance plans. We have adapted very well to the new health insurance laws regarding the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare. We know it is a confusing time and we have done a phenomenal job in making sure we understand this mandate and how it effects the insurance industry. Whether you are self-employed, uninsured, need coverage for employees, or have been turned down by other carriers, Rick Young and Associates has the best plan for your health insurance needs.

Do not be taken in by promises of low cost or inexpensive discounted plans, because we can shop around we can compare all of the major medical health insurance carriers and offer you the lowest cost health insurance premium in Michigan. We offer real insurance, not discounts. We can also provide coverage for temporary health insurance coverage, blue cross and blue shield, PPOM, prescriptions, group health insurance plans in Michigan, and health savings accounts (or HSA). Give us the opportunity to show you how we can offer you the best service, coverage, and price by getting your free Quote today. There is no need to shop around we compare all companies so you do not have to.