Michigan Medicare Changes

Seniors in Michigan have outstanding options to protect themselves from the holes in the current Part A and Part B Medicare Coverage.


    • When you first receive Part B of Medicare, you have 3 months before your 65th birthday and 3 months after, called “open enrollment”. During this time, you may purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan without answering any health questions.
    • All companies approved to sell Medicare Supplement Policies in Michigan offer Plans A, F, M, and N. These plans are identical within each company.
    • No co-pays when you go to a Michigan doctor or Michigan hospital for Plan C.
    • Michigan Medicare Supplement Policies allow you to choose any doctor or hospital, as long as they accept Medicare.
    • Michigan Medicare Supplements do not include a prescription drug card. A drug card would need to be purchased.
    • You can also purchase a Michigan Medicare Advantage Plan that includes a drug card.



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