It’s Never Too Early to Explore Life Insurance Options

Protect yourself, your family and your assets

Finding the right life insurance for you and your loved one is one of the most difficult and important decisions you will ever make. But it’s something that should be explored as early as possible to avoid costly expenses or debts in the event of an unexpected death in the family.

The bright side? This isn’t something you have to deal with on your own. Rick Young Insurance in Rochester Hills, MI will be there every step of the way.

We understand how stressful it can be making these decisions on your own. That’s why we navigate the ins and outs of Michigan life insurance policies so you don’t have to. Rely on our 30 years of industry experience to help you make the right decision for your life insurance policy to secure your family’s future.

Insurance explained

Term Life Insurance Basics:

• Coverage for a “term” or period of your life.

• Lower premiums for higher coverage.

• Provides a tax-free death benefit with a fixed rate for 10-30 years.

• No equity – cannot be used as cash value.

Whole Life Insurance Basics:

• Considered a permanent policy.

• Protection carries with you your whole life.

• Can build equity, have cash value and dividends.

• You can borrow from the cash value on a tax-free basis.

• Premiums stay level; guaranteed to never increase.

• Higher premiums than term life, but can be more valuable in the long run.

Term and Whole Life Combined:

• Build lifelong base of whole live coverage.

• Supplement specific times of your life with term insurance.

• A physical is always required. An examiner is sent to your work or home to perform a check-up that includes height and weight, blood pressure, blood work and a urine analysis.

Count on our insurance experts to offer understanding, personalized insurance guidance, to explain all of the options available to you and to help you choose the right policy to meet your needs. Call Rick Young Insurance to get started today!