Employee Health Insurance Benefits

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Business is unpredictable.

But buying health insurance for your employees doesn’t have to be.

Small businesses are experiencing a dramatic increase in their group health insurance costs. To combat that increase many businesses are choosing to offer individual health insurance to their employees. To adhere to health care reform rules, these small businesses can not pay the individual premium on behalf of their employees but instead offer them a reimbursement for premium. Rick Young and Associates has partnered with TASC, the nation’s largest privately-held 3rd Party Administrator, to setup these premium reimbursement programs for small business clients. Through the use of TASC’s FlexSystem program, small business are able to claim a legal tax deduction on funds reimbursed to their employees. Rick Young and Associates currently has over 30 small business clients using TASC’s FlexSystem program, with each Client saving significant dollars on monthly premium costs while creating a legal tax deduction for employer contributed healthcare.

Case Study: Example of Possible Savings

Monthly Monthly Monthly
Group Individual Individual
Employee   DOB Enrolled Renewal Plan Plan
Premium HMO PPO
Employee 1 03/04/53 Employee $988.24 $651.33 $724.14
Employee 2 11/12/59 Employee $750.85 $424.50 $475.16
Employee 3 12/19/72 Employee $465.98 $263.45 $294.89
Employee 4 07/20/64 Employee $599.98 $339.20 $379.69
Employee 5 03/23/79 Employee w/family $851.08 $481.17 $538.60
Employee 6 09/23/75 Employee $438.20 $247.74 $277.31
Monthly Premium $4,094.33 $2,407.39 2,689.79
Annual Premium $49,131.96 $28,888.68 $32,277.48
Possible Annual Savings $16,855 – $20,243 (35% – 40%)



As your premier Michigan Insurance Company, we know that securing a customized MI employee health insurance package, is no easy feat. With various coverage options and state laws to abide by, you need someone with expert insurance knowledge and years of experience to secure you the most effective Michigan health insurance coverage.

More often than not, the overall goal of doing business is to efficiently maximize your profits, while also minimizing costs. This requires making strategic plans that account for expected expenses as well as plan for ways in which you can accurately reinvest your profits.